Something in me

told me to go back to my “blog”. I just reread my first blog post back in 2017 where I said I was going to go for it. Well guess what, it’s 2019 and I never went for it. 2 years later and I’m in the same position wondering what could have been of this had I gone for it. Then all those similar thoughts seem to trickle in….”what if I would have made my fitness IG back in 2015 at the dawn of those profiles”, “what if I would have gone straight to grad school finishing my degree in 2015”, “what if I would have planned better and did not move back to my hometown after college”. Life will be filled with these moments of doubt and worry. I have found the easiest way to divert these thoughts is to focus on the good and the plentiful. It hasn’t been all loss since 2017, I got married to my best friend, we’ve traveled to about 4 new states and our dream destination of Thailand. I actually understand and enjoy sports. I finished my post bacc in speech and language pathology, I found a new fitness passion, spinning, while still staying true to my lifting roots. I’ve connected, inspired, and motivated people.

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